Global talent visa rejected

I have just got a rejection for a global talent visa. I meet all the requirements and have 7 published papers. I have submitted two recommendation letters and all the required documents.
The feedback was based on two reasons :
1-The evidence, as presented in the supporting statement(s), did not persuade the reviewers that the applicant should be endorsed for entry through the Global Talent route.
2-The reviewers considered that the applicant’s track record and contributions to the field to date,relative to career stage, were not strong enough to endorse the candidate for entry through the Global Talent route.
Any advice ? What should a successful review include ?

can you share a list of your evidence? Is this all they said in the feedback?

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An initial eligibility check was completed to check that the application met mandatory and qualifying
eligibility criteria. The application passed this first step and then received full assessment. Meeting the
mandatory and qualifying eligibility criteria does not mean that an applicant will be endorsed. It only
means that an application can proceed to a full assessment. The full assessment was conducted by
experts in the field, and they looked at the strength of all the evidence provided.
In particular they considered: whether the applicant provided evidence sufficient to demonstrate that they
have the potential to be a future leader in the field; the strength of the supporting statements in the letter
of personal recommendation; the applicant’s track record/career history (including their international
standing, the significance of their publications, prizes and research funding awarded, patents, and the
impact of past innovation activity, in a company, academia or as an individual); the expected benefits of
the applicant’s presence in the UK in terms of the contribution to UK research excellence and to wider

society, including potential economic benefits from exploitation of intellectual capital; the level of
additional funding secured during or following tenure of a relevant fellowship; whether the applicant
provided evidence of a relevant prize or award for early career researchers; the significance of the
applicant’s contribution to their field relative to their career stage.
We confirm that the application was reviewed under the criteria of Exceptional Promise, as requested by
the applicant in their initial online application to the Home Office. The reviewers commented that the
applicant appears a good candidate with a breadth of experience. Overall, however, they felt that the
evidence provided did not clearly demonstrate potential for leadership in their field, as required under
this route. Specifically, they commented that the applicant has a strong research track record, but that
there is insufficient evidence of the exceptional level of promise expected for endorsement. Similarly, the
letters of support were complementary to the applicant’s abilities and achievements to date, however the
reviewers noted there was little evidence in the letters to illustrate outstanding potential or exceptional
promise. They therefore concluded this was a strong application but did not demonstrate the high
threshold of potential required for a Global Talent endorsement.

This does not sound like an endorsement feedback from tech nation. Which endorsement body was you application forwarded to?

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The Royal Academy of Engineering

I thought as much. I am afraid I may not be able to comment on this. This forum is for applicants in the field of digital technology.

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yea it is so new to me too