Global Talent tax liability, working remotely for US company?

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I’m interested in applying for Exceptional Promise, but don’t understand what tax status I would have within the UK if it is granted to me.

I currently have a full-time remote job at a company based in America. If I were to apply for/receive a global talent visa and become a UK resident, but continue working remotely for this US-based job, would I be taxed on my US-based income in England? In this situation, I would be “technically” still based in the US from my current job’s POV.

The circumstance I’ve described is a bit “under the table”, as I’d be paying US taxes on a US-based job, and contributing to the UK economy via my side-businesses rather than via my full-time position.

Would the UK government/tax office somehow know about or take taxes on my US-based salary?

If I were to avoid having a bank account (say I had housemates for wifi/utilities/etc or something) and not have UK earnings – is there a way that the UK would know about my US earnings?

Again, this is hypothetical. I do foresee myself having UK earnings, but I’m curious about the process.

What you’re asking about is tax evasion and would, 1) damage your ability to remain in the UK and visit the UK in the future, and 2) get you into big trouble, incl. significant fines, with the IRS. I’m truly not sure why you’re asking about this on a public forum, or even considering it.

You won’t be able to rent (even with flatmates), pay utilities, get wifi, get a phone, etc. without a bank account.

You need to be hired through your company’s UK entity, or look for another job in the UK. As @sb.fitz mentioned, you will pay takes for the money earned in the UK, and then receive a credit for that, which you’ll submit to the US government. You’ll likely owe a bit more to the US on top of that.

Posting same message on various threads will not help.

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  1. Read - for list of documents

  2. Go through this forum to see what documents others in the group have used

Offloading your responsibililty of selecting documents won’t help your cause. It’s your application so you know best what to choose and what not to.

Also, how is your message “requesting for templates” relevant to this topic. You’re essentially spamming the forum with such a practice.

My only question is can I mix PhD and IT Experience?
This is the only question I have.

You are right…my case …I am the right person to choose what docs require.

Since you have a PhD, you should be more accustomed to reading than most people here. There’s a detailed guide that outlines the kind of documents that you’re expected to provide. Please go over them, and ask questions where you’re unclear instead of consistently spamming old forum topics.