Global Talent - Partner visa is not issued after 55 days!

Dear all,

I am writing to share my rare GTV visa application process with you and to check if someone experienced similar issues or have some suggestions to tackle this problem:

On the 18th of July 2021 I have applied for GTV - stage 2 together with my wife as my only dependent (outside UK). While I have received my passport containing my visa after 3 weeks, the decision for my wife’s visa has not been still made after 55 days now! We have also not been contacted by UKVI during this period being ask to send any additional documents or proofs. As far as I know, the decision for main applicant and dependents are made at the same time. That is why we have started to think her case has been lost or forgotten somewhere throughout the process.

I have sent several reminder emails, but they keep saying that the case has been escalated to relevant department and we will be contacted shortly. We are under tremendous amount of metal pressure and stress and any comments / information regarding what we can do or similar experience is very welcome.

Many thanks in advance…

Hi Henry,

These these sadly happen every now and then and the UK Home Office system is not very helpful. When I applied to move to UK 3 years ago, despite applying for premium service, our passports were not returned for a fairly long time (similar to yours) and it caused similar mental anxiety for us. From what we learnt, our passports were picked up for additional scrutiny and that takes much longer.

While I am not providing anything here to quench your anxiety, all I can suggest is to be patient and wait for the application process to complete. I know it adds a lot of complication to your move planning, but at this stage not much can be done about it.

Hi Shreeniwas,

I appreciate your comment. As you mentioned, I think there is nothing much that we can do at the moment rather than being patient and optimistic about the future.