Github profile for which criteria?

We see on the Tech Nation site that an active and contributed Github profile can be placed for Mandatory Criteria as well as 2 of the optional Criteria’s ie OC: work outside of my immediate occupation and OC: **significant technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contributions to the field as a founder, senior executive or employee.
Does this mean that one can put the same evidence in 2 of the criteria’s? or shud be used against only one criteria (which one as best) ?

Hypothetically, Yes. You can even submit just one additional document instead of the maximum of 10 possible. (E.g if you won Nobel prize … I am not sure you would need many other additional documents.)

As regards the document(s) you should submit, the question to answer is whether or not the document you are submitting shows you in the best possible light as a global talent.

As regards the 2 optional criteria, please bear in mind that those 2 criteria are looking at different things. You can potentially use the the same document to show the 2 things but ensure you read the guideline again to see the distinctions between the criteria.

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