Feedback Request: Promise route transferring from a Skilled Worker Visa

Hey all -

Am looking for feedback on my application. I came to the UK from the US after four years first under an ICT visa and post-Brexit on Skilled Worker Visa. My work was in a B2B Martech company during which I held Director level roles in Customer Success and subsequently as a Director of Solution Consulting / Sales Engineering. I am planning to apply under the Promise route as my application focus is on the Solution Consulting / Sales Engineering experience (2 years) out of my 8 years of work in the Tech industry.

Highlight my move to the UK and contributions I have made (bringing my previous company to market, expanding products, being integral in the expansion of new markets) . Explain that I’d want to move out of the Skilled Worker Visa so that I could work for smaller scale startups that traditionally cannot sponsor visas, and have the freedom to do additional consulting work that is not easy to do under my Skilled Worker Visa restrictions.


    • CEO of Company A highlighting my contributions to the company’s successful international expansion and the value that I would continue to deliver into the tech ecosystem.
    • President and CBO of a Gen AI company, Company B. We worked together at Company A and he has since moved into his current role. Letter discusses his knowledge of my success at Company A and highlights my unique skillset and knowledge of the retail/ecommerce tech industry. Also discusses how Company B would like to hire me as their first UK hire to help take their Gen AI product, and adopt it to retail/ecommerce and other verticals and markets though this is not currently possible as they do not have a local entity to sponsor Skilled Worker Visas.
    • Either my first Managing Director of Company A who brought my over to the UK from the US or the RVP of Sales at Company A that I directly reported into. - would love your thoughts on which is better

Mandatory Criteria:

  • (MC 1) Letter of recommendation from business development leader at Company A that will articulate how my duties as Solution Consultant / Sales Engineer directly contributed to pipeline and revenue growth.
  • (MC 1) Discuss my contributions to the commercial organisation (updated market positioning, the development of a local value prop, new product rollouts) as supported by revenue figures that show consistent revenue, logo and average deal size growth quarter over quarter along with my deal attachment %.
  • (MC 1) Promised work contract from Company B showing high renumeration

Optional Criteria:

  • (OC 1): Work contract from Company A that showed previous renumeration
  • (OC 1): A business case that I developed and managed for a new product feature that required business investment for market expansion efforts. Includes the market data/research done for that feature and the revenue impact as a byproduct of this investment.
  • (OC 3): Sales pipeline that was generated for the expansion markets that I helped the company break into, alongside an explanation of my exact contributions.
  • (OC 3): Letter of recommendation from Managing Director for one of Company A’s expansion markets that further explains how I contributed to the successful launch of Company A in Australia.

A big concern I have is that I will be supporting a lot of this sales data that I managed to get from a former colleague. Would it be useful to link articles and press releases that support the market expansion narrative? Apologies for all the detail, any and all advice would be appreciated!