Feedback on my application (Global Promise)

Hi there,

I am in the early stage of my application. I would really appreciate your review/ input on my case. For context, I am currently under Skilled Worker Visa (Tier 2) and work as a Corporate VC at a Big 4 (separate legal entity, not in consulting, audit or tax). My work involves a lot of product development (blockchain & marketplaces), startup mentorship (strategy, commercial) and some due diligence/investment.

My purpose for transferring my visa is because I receive a job offer to work as a venture manager supporting Web 3 startups and more importantly, I want to focus on building my digital health startup (with web 3 elements). My current visa restricts my ability to work on my startup.

TLDR: my main problem is identifying optional evidence 1 (innovation) vs 3 (impact). My main work revolves a lot on innovation but most of our work, albeit directly for the firm’s assets are P&C and I’m under NDA - so not a lot of evidence I can produce beyond company website.

Recommendation letters:

  1. CTO of a global firm (top 100 people in Tech UK)
  2. Head of Digital at Digital Bank
  3. Unsure - Maybe my network from Innovate UK or colleagues from corporate venture arm or founder of a startup (any suggestions?)

Mandatory: Recognised as a potential leading talent

  • Evidence 1: led the growth of / led the marketing or business development at a product-led digital technology company
    • Ex founder – link to startup website and tractions
    • Reference letter from Angel investor covering both growth and business dev
    • Proof of successful exit
  • Evidence 2: Awards - received nationally or internationally recognised prizes in digital technology
    • McKinsey Next Generation Women Leaders Award (not my company)
    • Nominated for WeAreTheCity Rising Star Award – Digital
  • Evidence 3: You command a high salary or other remuneration for your services,
    • employment contracts with salary information including any bonus and equity options and history of earnings from current company
    • employment contracts with salary information including any bonus and equity options and history of earnings from job offer
  • Evidence 4: Additional – selected to Founders programme
    • Oxbridge Generate Accelerator
    • Established VC Future Founder Programme - highly selective (one of 8 out of 1000 applicants) email to programme

Option 2: demonstrate that I have been recognised for my work outside of my immediate occupation that contributed to the advancement of the sector

  • Evidence 5: evidence of speaking at high-profile digital tech events – FinTech event
    • a reference letter from the conference organiser with explanation of why ( + event size/attendance estimates)
    • Pictures from the event
    • Podcast hosted on inspiring women entrepreneurs and social enterprises with over 1000
  • Evidence 6: An op-ed or news article that exemplifies thought leadership, evidence of mentorship.
    • Links to news article, internal research published
  • Evidence 7: Evidence of mentorship (these programmes are structured but rarely documented due to sensitivity of the candidates we mentor)
    • Reference letter from the Embassy (Women in STEM, Lean In)
    • Reference letter + certificate of appreciation from programme coordinator (1:1 mentorship for underprivileged students from home country)
    • Reference letter from UK uni from entrepreneurship programme

Option 3: Innovation

  • Evidence 8: Documents detailing my significant contribution towards commercial success of a IoT company (cold-chain monitoring) I worked part-time for:
    • Product release: strategise production of a market-leading IoT monitoring product
    • Web development: revamped the whole digital marketing and customer journey
    • Document showcasing sales pipeline built and operations streamlined
    • Letter from employer + salary information
  • Evidence 9: Evidence of innovation/product development in my current job building a digital marketplace and innovating in decentralised finance
    • Marketplace website ( note: new product just being released so no revenue yet – which is tricky; the other product has revenue but im under NDA so I can’t release the figures)
  • Evidence 10: Evidence of product from the company I exited
    • Website to our products and services
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Would appreciate your feedback @Francisca_Chiedu @sojo @Shreeniwas_Iyer @Alex_P @Farzad_Sunavala

I think you have a strong case. However, I think it’s easier to proof impact than innovation. The other evidence in the mandatory and optional criteria two looks OK to me as long as they happened within the last five years. I would suggest you add explanatory notes on your evidence. Hopefully others have suggestions to add. Good luck!

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I think you have a very strong MC and OC2 but OC3: Innovation may not be the best fit based on your evidence. Seems more like an impact to me. Focus on polishing the second OC and I think you are competitive.

re: recommendation letters, I’d focus the 3rd on a co-founder of a startup that can speak for your skillset and experience.

@han you have a chance just package your evidence well.

Thank you so much @Francisca_Chiedu @sojo @Farzad_Sunavala! Truly appreciate it.

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Did you get endorsed yet?

Hi @johnanih- I submitted my application later than intended, on the 22nd of December 2021 and got my endorsement today (4/1/22)


Great news. congratulations

have you gotten your endorsement?

Not yet. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t6:

all the best, wish you a successful outcome

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@Han Congratulations, your applications would have been straight forward for the assessors because had a good profile. Congratulations once again. Make sure you join the alumni group on Slack Channel.

It is possible he didn’t add context and prsentation matters. at review you have the opportunity to elaborate further.

Congrats! Did you make any changes to your initial post?

Congrats @han , Don’t forget to join the Visa Alumni Slack at
It is super useful for moving and settling in the Uk.