Feedback needed on application supporting documents

I am preparing my application for “Exceptional Promise” and need feedback on my supporting documents.

Thanks a lot.

Reference 1: From a CEO of Company A

Reference 2: From a head of engineering at company B.

Reference 3: From a CEO of company C.

Mandatory A: Awards - Like Google Summer of Code certificate, Google Code-In certificate, profile, and visa/contract of a paid internship offer I received in Europe.

Mandatory B: High Income - Previous contracts where my salary increased from 40K EUR → 48K EUR → 55K. Later, I switched to freelancing, and it contains a screenshot of my payment history and some invoices billed at $100/hour for 30 hours/week in 2023.

Mandatory C: Entrepreneurship - A little bit of my entrepreneurship initiative. It contains website and product screenshots along with links. Also a copy of business registration legal papers.

Optional 2-A: Open source 1: Screenshot of code, blog posts I have written, and LinkedIn recommendation of my mentor during the Google Summer of Code program

Optional 2-B: Open source 2: Screenshot of code, GitHub, a public ideas page with user feedback, and Google analytics page showing the popularity of my other small open source tool, which is a web application.

Optional 2-C: Open source 3: Screenshot of code, GitHub, online ratings of a Chrome extension I developed.

Optional 3-A: Ethical Hacking: A blog post describing a security vulnerability I found in a large stockbroker. Another screenshot of an email from them confirming it.

Optional 3-B: Code: I led a project for a complete revamp of a website as a senior developer over a period of 2 years. It contains screenshots of the before/after the homepage and screenshots of the code I wrote.

Optional 3-C: Code - Screenshot of features I developed using ANTLR for a desktop company at one of my previous jobs. I don’t have access to code anymore, so UI screenshots only.

10th Evidence: Cn’t think of anything for this last position, so leaving it empty.

Some of the evidence is older than 5 years. And I am feeling very unconfident about my chance of getting approval anyway. That’s why I used LinkedIn screenshots instead of asking everyone to write a letter. I don’t want to bother anyone unnecessarily.

Thanks for reading. Please let me know if you have any feedback. Really appreciated.

It appears you have not read the guide for details of what should be in a recommendation letter. You can not use screenshot of LinkedIn recommendations for you application. It has to be a type letter on company letterhead written specifically about your global talent application. Go to the document checklist to see further details of what should be in the letter, it must have the email and phone number of the author.

Based on the evidence submitted, I think you don’t have sufficient evidence to meet the criteria. Start by reading tech nations guide to get a better understanding of what is expected.