Feedback From Tech Nation Exceptional Promise

I applied for the exceptional promise endorsement letter, below is the response from the home office, please I need your assistance and suggestion, the two OC was accepted but the MC was a No.

With regards to the Mandatory Criteria, the applicant must show extraordinary ability through emerging national or international recognition; they must be able to demonstrate emerging expertise which places them at the forefront of their respective field in the digital technology sector.

The evidence does not demonstrate an emerging national or international recognition, and while the letters of recommendation and reference speak to a highly enthusiastic individual, there are no specific examples of work or ability that suggest the applicant is an emerging leader in their field. All of the examples provided are what would be expected of any employee in a similar role; there are no details of
any exceptional projects or delivery. For these reasons, we have not awarded the Mandatory Criteria.

In summary, while the applicant is clearly a well-regarded and competent individual, there is not enough relevant evidence to be able to award all the required criteria, and so we cannot endorse for Exceptional Promise at this time.

I presented 3 letters of evidence. for MC

  1. Mr. Dapo Richards, Head of Product, Capricorn Digital Limited describing Temisa’s work and contributions to the growth of a product-led digital technology company, product, and team.
  2. Mr. Victor Amusan, Co-founder/ Head of Product, Healthtracka Technologies Limited where he elucidates my career growth from my unpaid to a paid internship at and how he saw through my career as I progressed to the position of Product Manager at Capricorn Digital Limited.
  3. Mark Essien, CEO of, which evinced that I led the growth of a product-led digital technology company where I spearheaded the reactivation of inactive customers and converted hotels from our free to paid plans.

Did you provide three letters as one evidence? what other evidence did you provide for the mandatory criteria?

I only provided the letters detailing my work and the innovation I have worked on as product in my current company. There was no other evidence.

Letters alone are not sufficient.

  • Are you a technical applicant or business
  • Did the letters talk about your leadership not impact, not innovation

I only used letters, and the product I build in my current company

I am a business applicant. I did not stress leadership a lot, I must say.

What about your recommenders, did they make any reference to your leadership achievements?
Perhaps you can fall back on that