Expect arrive time and visa start time

hi all!

Thank you for your continued help, you guys on this forum have really taught me a lot. I have now submitted my application for the Stage 2 Visa.

However, I have come across a new problem. The estimated arrival date I put in my visa application was May 1st. However, now my next employer wants me to work there in April, so my expected date of arrival will become early April. I would like to ask if the visa start date you receive will strictly follow the expected arrival date you men put in? Or will it be some time earlier? As my application has already been submitted, what should I do if I need to enter the country earlier?

I also asked UKIVI this question at the same time, but they took five working days to reply. So I would like to ask here again to see if there is a same experience.

Thank you all so much for your help! Have a nice day!

It will be as per the expected date of arrival which would be May.

You visa will start counting based on the date you requested in your application. You can’t arrive the UK until May.