Exceptional Talent to Exceptional Promise or Vice Versa Endorsement

Hi everyone,

I am applying for the GTV and I am debating between selecting Exceptional Talent or Promise. I have over six years of experience and all my references acknowledge me as a leader in the past 4-5 years.

One source (visa advisor) told me I should apply for Talent (leader) and if they deem me not eligible they will assess me for Exceptional Promise. Another source (former applicant) told me to apply for exceptional promise and if they deem me suitable, they will bump me up to Exceptional Talent

Iā€™m a bit confused now. Any input would be much appreciated.

Thank you

hi @majmal,

this is what is written in guide. you can apply for promise and if assessors see you are talent , they will endorse you for talent and vice versa.

main different is years of experience, are you up to 5 years or more. additionally, you have to consider that talent must be more challenging, they will have higher expectations on your achievements and contributions in the sector.

Go through the guide. assess your own works, and see which is more suitable. end of the day, whether you apply for promise or talent, its their own decision to whether to be endorsed or not and for which path.

best of luck

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Thank you Maya for your feedback

If you have very outstanding evidence by all means apply for talent. In the past assessors can decide to endorse a talent application for promise. I am not sure if that still being done has they have put a cap for promise. Once you have over 5years experience you cant apply for promise.