Exceptional Talent - Stage 1 Application - Reference Letters

Hello Tech Nation Alumni’s,

My name is Ankur Parekh and I am an IT professional with around 10 years of experience in Microsoft Technology Stack including Asp.Net, Asp.Net Core and others. Currently I am living and working in Toronto, Canada with one of the largest financial institution of Canada.

The reason for this message is I am planning to apply for tech nation global talent visa endorsement. I found your name in Tech Nation Visa Ambassador. After going through the website and all the details, one of the requirement is reference letter we need to submit with the application.

That’s where I am bit confused and I need some of your help to understand it. Recently I have heard that they are changing some of the rules for the reference letters. Now the reference letters needs to be with in last 5 years of the application and not the older one.

So does that mean I cannot submit reference letter from one of my previous employer where I have worked between July - 2012 to January - 2015 ?

My second question is who should sign the reference letters ? Is the letter should come from individual capacity on plain paper without any mention of signatory company and position or it should come from the company on letter head ? I have majorly worked in Multinational companies so if it’s coming from company on letter head, signatory might be someone from human resources as other individuals are not allow to sign or give any letter on behalf of the company.

If you can help me decode these confusion, it would be very helpful to understand how to get reference letters and whom to approach for that.

Please let me know if I can give any more information or answer any question you may have.

Looking forward for your earliest reply.

Thanks and Regards,
Ankur Parekh

Hi Ankur,

Your reference letter needs to be from a senior exec at your existing company. I included 4-5 reference letters in total. It would be fine to include the older one as supporting evidence but not your primary reference letter.

Suggest you get someone on the innovation team to provide you with one additionally.

I included three separate reference letters as one evidence. I also wrote the letters of reference for my referees (each letter must be different). I didn’t ask for resumes but included highlights from their LinkedIn profiles.

Happy to talk you through it.