Exceptional Talent - need your help

Hi everyone,

I am a senior front-end developer with over 20 years of experience in the tech industry, specializing in adtech and insurtech. After reading the Tech Nation guide and following this forum and other information channels for the past two weeks, I would love to hear your opinion on my situation.

I am a bit confused about the exceptional talent route and what criteria I should choose. I am planning to apply for the route and have the following documents and evidence to support my application:

  • Three recommendation letters from CEOs and founders of my previous workplaces (excluding my current workplace)
  • Evidence of my leadership role and contribution to successful projects in my previous workplaces
  • Proof of high salaries in my current and previous senior developer roles
  • Evidence of my contributions to the open-source community through writing articles, managing a blog, and creating free themes for WordPress, although this evidence is from over 8-10 years ago
  • An active GitHub profile, mostly with private contributions
  • Speaking at a local WordPress meetup more than 10 years ago

However, I need help choosing the criteria for my application. I believe the first optional criteria can be demonstrating my significant technical role with employment contracts, and a letter from an employer. As for the second criteria, I am considering innovation as an employee in a new digital field or concept.

My questions are as follows:

  1. Can I apply for an endorsement with the evidence I have?
  2. What is the best way to demonstrate innovation in a previous workplace?
  3. Is it enough to include high salaries and reference letters for the mandatory criteria, given that my other evidence is over 5 years old?

Thank you.

All evidences for tech nation should be within the last 5 years

Thanks, @mikeayus
What do you think about the rest?

You need to clearly map your evidences to mandatory criteria, and any 2 optional criteria…not until this is done, I can’t be able to review and advise accordingly.


quick question please,
patents that were registered at the time I was part of a company / team but Im not registered as one of the inventors can considered as evidence for innovation?

I honestly don’t have a response to this as I know nothing about patents and what is accepted by tech nation regarding patents.

Thanks, @mikeayus

Would anyone happen to know if I can include my company’s patents as evidence in my case? Although my name is not listed on the patents, I can demonstrate that I worked for the company and contributed to the development of the innovative product. Additionally, I can provide a letter of support from someone who is registered as an inventor on the patents.