Exceptional Promise - Re-application review

Heyy all! I received rejection from my first application. Currently, I need advices before my second attempt, so waiting for your kind comments :grinning:

@Francisca_Chiedu @ask4jubad @May I trust your ideas that would be great if you have chance to review


Currently working as Lead Software Engineer for an UK Company. 4 years experience in software engineering, Co-founded a startup for 2 years.


Feedback: Evidence of recognition is not for the applicants themselves but for the business they have co-founded. Personal recognition nationally or internationally as a leader in digital technology is not demonstrated by the uploaded evidence.

Old Documents:

  • Company X - Registration & board member list, Investment Document with signs, Startup committee approvement
  • 3 employment letters

New mandatory section documents:

  • I received 2 reference letters from lead industry experts
  • High salary contract & earnings, High amount of personal service remuneration, Stock options Company Y
  • Open for comments :slightly_smiling_face:

OC #1:

Feedback: The applicant does not meet the requirements of optional criteria 1. The applicant shows that they are the founder of X. The evidence does not clearly demonstrate traction, they do not include audited accounts or articles of association as asked for in the guidelines.

Old Documents:

  • Company X - One Pager, Github Contributions, Main Software Architecture
  • Company X - Equity, Cashflow from Bank & Company Y - Equity
  • Company X - International Industry Leader Company PoC, Work Evidence, Results

New OC1 documents:

  • Company X - One pager, 3rd party platforms that published in Market
  • Company X - Last Bank Account Activities, Last Year Projections, Salary, Traction through Revenue
  • Company X - Investment Document with signs, Articles of association, Shareholders, Personal Invitation Letter

OC #3

Feedback: The evidence does not describe specific impact by the applicant on product led digital technology. The applicant did work on projects as demonstrated by their github profile and letters. But the outcome and impact is not clearly defined in a way that can be assessed. Being a ‘key member’ and working on fundamentals is not enough evidence

Old Documents:

  • Company Y - Letter from CTO, Github Contributions, Sprint Tasks

  • Company Z - Letter from CEO, Github Contributions, End Product UI & Desings

  • Company X - Biggest Startup Challenge Finalist And Prize-Winning Presentation Clibbing,

    Known Accelerator Program in Europe Pitching, Clibbings from the web about Investment, VC partner comment for Company X from the web, Rankings from 3rd party markets

New OC3 documents:

  • Company Y - Letter from CTO, Contributions (Database System Software Architecture), Technical Impact (Cost & Scale Benchmark)
  • Company X - Letter from Founder, Contributions (Lines of code - Github of Main Algorithm, Usage of algorithm analytics in Company, High amount service remuneration invoice over algorithm)
  • Company X & Y - (Company X - Main Software Architecture, GitHub Contributions & Company Y - GitHub Contributions, Sprint)
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I am not sure you have properly addressed feedback from your last application. There still no industry recognition for your work “Personal recognition nationally or internationally as a leader in digital technology is not demonstrated by the uploaded evidence”. You still have not show evidence of your recognition, industry award, speaking event, media recognition. When you Google search your name, do you have evidence of your name in media publications?

For OC1 have you should proof of the product and explanation on why it is innovative? Do you have payment for this work. Bear in mind that the feedback in your previous application may not have addressed other gaps in your application and a new assessor may sport it.

If you were a finalist on a major accelerator, I think it should be in MC not OC3

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First of all, really appreciated your comments @Francisca_Chiedu . I am thinking to same way with you on Mandatory. But in the first example of evidence in Tech Nation’s visa guide, there is an example based on reference letters

You led the growth of a product-led digital technology company, product or team inside a digital technology company, as evidenced by reference letter(s) from leading industry expert(s) describing your work, or as evidenced by news clippings, lines of code from public repos or similar evidence

and as you can see I provided reference letters from lead industry experts as new evidence by providing our collaboration. Also based on another example from the visa guide I saw

You command a high salary or other remuneration for your services, as evidenced by commercial or employment contracts with salary information including any bonus and equity options and history of earnings.

So in new documents, I added all of these with a letter for remuneration service. Besides these if I require clibbings when I search in Google with my name, most results are related to me and my Company X, Should I add those? As the mandatory criteria’s third document, I added a new document which is a personal invitation letter from the Major accelerator, including information about ‘selected for investment’ etc… But Company X is a finalist in another national startup challenge nothing related to the accelerator.

Regarding OC1, I will try to add more details about innovation to there.

Tech nation gave reference letter as examples does not mean most of your evidence should be reference letter.s

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You are right :+1:, i just add some clibbings as third document of mandatory criteria. And updated pages to show that inovation of Company X better. Do you have any additional comments ?. Also thank you for your attention.

Do you mind sharing how you demonstrate that Company X’s innovation is better?

Self and internally generated pieces may not be considered. Do you have any IP? Patents? Recognitions? Media mention?

These would be much stronger and third party evidence.

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Hey, I just add media mention & clibbings from different people and different media channels. Also I provided 2022 and 2023 one pager of Company X to show overview of company, target market, market size, problem, solution etc. In conclusion i received my endorsement. If you have further questions I would like to help you @ask4jubad .

Congratulations @ertug

It worked out fine in the end.

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