Exceptional Promise or Talent?

Hi everyone,

I am applying for the Global Talent Visa and I am unsure whether going down the Exceptional Promise or Talent route. From what I’ve read here on the forum, it does happen that the Tech Nation redirects your application to the other route, but I wouldn’t want to rely on that.

I have roughly 6 years of work experience of which 2 years as a working student / part-time and only 4 years as a full-time employee and freelancer. However, my work experience is not straight forward, as I first worked full time for 1.5 years and then took a break for my Master’s degree.

I really appreciate your help on

  1. Does working student / part-time experience count fully towards the general work experience?

  2. Can academic gaps in the CV be easily deducted from the overall work experience?

  3. In general, would you advise to take the promise or talent route looking at my background?

Thanks a lot, I’ve already learned so much from this forum and all the helpful answers!!

Hi @marevgl,

  1. Yes, your part time experiences do count towards the general work experience. I will give you example in relation to my own case. I got endorsed two month ago, all the relevant work experience and evidences that I submitted were from my experiences while studying full time here in the UK. And it’s a known fact, full time students don’t work full time in this country.

  2. I don’t think it matters. I am sure they care about what you have done, not where you work or anything. Your potential is what matters, what can you bring to the table. Show them the evidences. That’s it.

  3. It is difficult to say. You may have to outline your evidences here, what you are preparing to submit for each of the criteria. Then colleagues here will be able to advise accordingly.

I hope that helps.

Hi @aaliy - really appreciate your help, that helps a lot. I’m currently gathering my evidence and will outline it in more detail.