Exceptional promise - Cofounder of the now failed startup

Dear All,

I want to ask your opinion on whether I stand any chance of getting an endorsement for promise with the following experience as the cofounder and the digital product development lead of the start-up that eventually failed four years ago.

The product is an online digital platform for short-term office space leases. My two cofounders and I developed the product for over a year and then decided to go our separate ways as we ran out of money.

I was responsible for (can provide evidence of my work):

  • Product development process: led a diverse team of 10+ people: identified customer needs, created user stories, and obtained user feedback through in-depth interviews to improve the UX/ UI of the platform and onboarding screens.
  • Operating processes: website and CRM, contract base, payments, insurance, dispute resolution.
  • Business development: negotiated with 10+ potential investors: real estate portfolio owners and venture investors (unlikely they will provide reference letters).
  • Financial/operating plans, finance and business models, measuring market capacity, and unit economics.

Can significant efforts in building a new type of digital product on the conservative market ripe for digital disruption be sufficient for an exceptional promise?

Thank you for your replies.


so what you were doing 4 years ago till today ?! if nothing in the sector then definitely no chances. if you are still in the sector, then yes. Go for it!

Maya, thank you for your reply.

I worked on the startup for 1.5 years, and after that, I switched briefly to an Investment Banking business development role.

I have been the AI transformation lead for a large Eastern European bank for the last two years.

So, there are two facets related to digital technologies: building digital products and transforming bank products with AI.

I am still in the sector and would like to keep growing as an AI & Data transformation professional.

the main point is proof of consistency in the field. If your career discontinued, i would suggest not applying. But since you are still in the field, then read the tech nation guide carefully and see what evidences are you having. your dissolved company may be added as one of the evidences.

Best of luck