Exceptional promise - Business category

Hi Everyone,

I need your help your guidance in getting my endorsement.

This is short overview to my profile

  1. I was endorsed for start up visa in 2020 by Coventry university and came to the UK to establish my Fintech company - I am the COO of an innovative company which can help to send and receive money without internet. The app is developed but yet to launch in the mark

  2. I am currently working as an business development executive for leading software company Intelex and have raised pipeline over £3M GBP in revenue

  3. I am an electronics engineer so doing my engineering I have presented 6+ IEEE papers and also published two research paper in journals.


  1. Mandatory Criteria

Published paper ( 2 research paper)

  1. OP 1 - company registration certificate, MOA of the company I work as COO

  2. OP3 - screenshot from my company explaining the pipeline I build with ACV value £3Million


  1. endorsement letter of Coventry university issued for startup visa which shows why it is innovative business.

  2. certifications of paper presentation and pictures

Recommendation letter

  1. the current company I am working in sales manager.
  2. head of electronics professor from my university
  3. CEO of the company’s nd founder of the start up company

I have totally 4 years of experience after my master’s

Let.me.know if I am eligible or anything to be done

It appears that you don’t have sufficient evidence to support the chosen criteria. There seems to be a disconnect between the evidence listed as a business applicant and the technical evidence for your electronic engineering work.

You’ll need to carefully consider your Innovation evidence to ensure you’ll include sufficient details of the product and why it’s innovative.

Hi May, Thanks for the response.

do you think for MC I should provide the screenshots from my company rather the research paper ?

I have evidence of the application that was developed by me with sufficient proof that can be done in innovation criteria

Don’t need to add screenshot add details with impact