Exceptional Promise-Business Applicant- Digital Marketer and Product Owner- Review evidences

Hi dear forum,
After long time reading all cases here, I’m ready to apply, but first, I would like you help me to organize my evidences:
I am a digital marketer with 9 years of experience (not all of them in business side and tech companies) and 2 years in a product lead company, that is why I will apply as promise, but from business side. I have some doubts about the strength of my evidences and if you can give me more ideas about what to put to make it stronger.

1- Data Director in a product led company, what works with data as their main income. I will use is as evidence for OC 1
2- CDO Executive Digital Manager for the same product led company, mentioned in LOR 1.
3- Digital Marketing Director for a large company with different universities that their main income come from digital channels.


1- LOR 1, mentioning my contribution in growth of sale for digital products, incomes I achieved and how I created the product and the processes I had.
2- Presentation I shared in the company where it shows the amount of sales I got with the digital products I created, which is supported by LOR 1 above, which meant new incomes to the company and an explanation about why this was important for the company.
3- Growth I lead through digital marketing strategies: screenshots of Google Ads campaigns, Facebook campaigns, emails, internal reports that show an increase in sales for universities what get their incomes just through digital channels. Here I plan to explain why is a digital business even when it’s not a product or tech company (I am afraid about this explanation, pls advise)
4- Bonus by achieving the sales’ goals in the universities thanks to digital marketing strategies.

OC 1: innovation as senior in a new concept
5- Explanation about one digital product, the wireframe about how it is, success stories using the product reported in a website and why this is an innovation for the field (using data and ads formats)
6- LOR 2, which supports what I mentioned in evidence 5.
7- Another digital product I developed the idea, but I don’t know how to support it to be strong enough. This is a new Ad format I created with my team, which brought sales also.

OC 3: I have 2 kinds of contribution here (technical and commercial), but not sure how I demonstrate technical, unless I use something similar like Evidence 5 here, which is my technical contribution.
From commercial :
8- The product distribution (for many products in the deparment), sale strategy and the process I did to develop the new product for the company in data and performance field.
9- Clips from a digital newspaper where I am titled as the owner of the products and mentioning the importance about the product. Also, this evidence is part of the distribution strategy of the product.
10- LOR from Digital Manager and Ex Digital Product Manager in product data led company, talking about how helped the department to improve their value proposal in data and performance products and the process

I would really appreciate all your advises. Thanks! :slight_smile: @Francisca_Chiedu @ask4jubad @Chaitanya_Bapat @Afolabi @alexnk


  • I am afraid that LOR writer may not be in the Digital Tech field. Please double-check.


  • I think #2 could be good, and have #1 (LOR) as your supporting evidence to confirm your presentation and back it up strongly.
  • #3: I think this is possible. you may need to be able differentiate it completely. Someone also had a back ground in banking industry, which we have the digital team as another sub-organization under same big bank name. Org chart and public news may help to support this.
  • #4: I am not sure what this is. Is it falling under your MC#3? You may not want to waste 1 evidence on long sentence of your strategies. I mean that without strong evidence/result it may be weak evidence.


  • #5: This is weak. It does not show your potential. You can have this on your CV. Instead, you should try to show the evidence of your participation, ownership, or responsibility toward the digital product which you contributed.
  • #6: LOR will usually be a weak evidence then. It is used to connect your stories and evidence together and add more value to your evidence.
  • #7: Again, similar to #5, you should show your contribution to the innovation instead.

Tips: I usually think that OC1 is easy once you work in the Digital Tech field. You will just need to be able to confirm your contribution as the sufficient level. Business result/impact is not required.


  • #8: Showing level of your contribution to each project is fine. You need to add and focus in business impact.
  • #9: Strategy alone is no good. You should show the impact by presentation containing figures, graphs, and numbers; which could be supported/backed-up by your #10 evidence (LOR).
  • #10: Treat LOR as not a main evidence. It is used to support the primary evidence only.

All in all, I think you need more strong evidence to show your contribution and business results.

I hope this helps. @zamisalce

Hi Alex, I appreciate so much your comments. I answer to every point you have :). Based on that, I have just reorganized my evidences to meet every criteria strongly. But still I have my doubts about how to present OC1, I don’t know how to explain very well the innovation if I am not into code, but I was who created the idea and lead the efforts in the team and some technical knowledge I contributed, any idea more specifically? I’d be very grateful it if you can orient me more about how to present OC1

1-Main evidence: Presentation I shared in the company where it shows the amount of sales I got with the digital products I created, which is supported by LOR 1 above. Here I talked about new incomes to the company and an explanation about why this was important for the company.
2-Main evidence: LOR 2
3-Secondary evidence: Salary contract and showing my salary is above in the field in my country.
4-Secondary evidence: Clips in a big newspaper online (I’ll highlight how many users this newspaper has) where I am mentioned as a product leader talking about the products I developed for the company in Data tech field.

5- Main evidence :In STAR framework planning to explain my challenges to develop the product. I will include testimonials from clients that are uploaded in a website and, the number of new clients, this brought. Also, explaining why was my product new in the field of Ads and Data Advertising and how my experience helped to develop this.
6-LOR 1: supporting what I mentioned in 5.
7- Main evidence: My technical contribution to other product I developed: how I managed the designers and developers to create new Ads formats, and how much income it represented to the company.

OC 3: Commercial impact
8-Main evidence: Leads I brought to the company, the achievements I got through the digital strategies and how much income it represented (graph, reports, emails to evidence it)
9- Main evidence: Contract employment and a bonus because I achieved the annual income goal with my role using digital strategies for the company.
10-LOR: to support evidence 8 and 9.

Thanks so much about your feedback. I tag others that I really appreciate your comments @PPEE
@somdipdey @Smithorian

@zamisalce The idea to present it is basically “any project you contributed or led to support the innovation”. It could potentially be, but not limited to:

  • Do you have any project you led digital media or creatives to promote the new company’s innovation, as to make the new innovation customers aware?
  • Do you have evidence of your idea contribution in the technical knowledge toward the company’s innovation?
  • What did you do to help the company’s innovation to grow or kick start?

Please note again that the IMPACT is NOT required in OC1.

Again, I appreciate your help, how about the rest of evidences, do you see it better and stronger?

I think you can. Also ensure that it is in English or translated properly and put those text or screenshot into your evidence files.

It should count. Ensure that your name was on the email and conversation. However, getting LOR to support your evidence will make it stronger.

You can try to rearrange them again before re-assessing it then.

Hi all of you, since I saw you were endorsed or in the same field than me, I would be highly grateful if you can have a look into my evidences as Product manager and digital marketer, I am planning to appy as business route


Wish you the best of luck in your process @zamisalce, my key recommendation about my process is about proof of incremental sales, I think you should be careful while you are wording and demonstrating your business success as incremental to your routine job description. You should clearly state that you are beyond the expectations of your company and/or client. I use a recommendation letter from my CFO as part of my evidence list with the amounts that I created as an incremental revenue.

Also from business contribution perspective, If your work recognized by Google or Meta as case studies or best cases, any award from industry contests could strengthen your application.

Hope this info helps.


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