Exceptional Promise application review- Digital Marketer

Hello everyone, i’m applying for the exceptional promise tech nation visa as a digital marketer and Web designer with over 10 years experience, but given the strength of my evidence, i’m applying for the exceptional promise. However, most of my experience is in working with non-tech companies. The guide says that technical applicants from non-tech organisations are eligible but from reading through this forum, it seems we should mainly evidence working in tech organisations so i’m confused about this. Please kindly advise. Thank you.

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Since you are a non-technical applicant and work in non-tech organisation, you may not be eligible.

I’m applying as a digital marketer

I know, you already said so. If you are digital marketer in a product -led digital technology company then you are eligible.

Alright thank you very much for your response
So would you say as a technical applicant, I can submit evidence of my work from non-tech company?

Thank you🙏🏽

Hi @RuthDaniel,

I see that there’s a gap in what you understood from what Francisca sent. It appears that digital marketers are considered as “Business Applicants” and not “Technical applicants”. This means that you would be deemed a Non-technical applicant working in non-technical organizations. Clear?

However, even if you apply for instance, as a web designer, there are no guarantees. And although the guide mentions that technical applicants working in non-technical companies may apply, evidence suggest otherwise.

If you can satisfy OC2 and OC4 which are criteria external to a company, you may be able to scale through the optional criteria.

Yet, regarding MC and the strength of your overall application, it is almost given that there would be concerns as to why you are applying as Promise even though you have 10 years experience. Even if you take out certain experiences, there would still be questions about the gap.

But as a general idea, you can share details of your evidence(s) and perhaps, people can help you improve them iteratively.

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Alright thank you so much :pray:t4:

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Hi Ruth, did you apply, I am curious because I am quite similar to you, but I had some experience as well as product, which help me, but I’m pretending to apply as digital marketer for a no tech company, but their incomes depend on mainly through digital channels, which give some hope!

Let me know :). I’m also giving you some ideas about how to put it, according to what i am planning