Exceptional Promise Application: Few Questions

Hi all, thanks for always answering questions on this forum, you all have been a great help since I started putting together my evidences for GTV exceptional promise application. I’ve got a few questions:

  1. Which category of evidence does an Hackathon win falls into? I’m planning to go for OC2 and OC3 but I don’t see where an Hackathon win might fall into after reading Tech Nation guides even though I’ve heard that an Hackathon win could be used as evidence.

  2. Yearly performance reviews at the place of your current employment, including quotes about your positive qualities from your colleagues. Can this be used as an evidence? If yes, under which categories does it falls into?

  3. Is significant Open Source contributions enough to pass the mandatory criteria for exceptional promise?

These are my questions. Thanks for your time!

@Francisca_Chiedu please help take a look. Thanks :pray:

You can use the Hackathon and contribution to Open source for the mandatory criteria. You need a least too evidence for the mandatory criteria.

Performance review can be used for OC3 but it should be clear about your impact with metrics to show your impact. Positive quality is not sufficient.