Evidences to demonstrate significant technical contribution

Could someone please suggest a list of evidences that will demonstrate significant technical contribution and its impact?

Last time, I followed Tech Nation guide of acceptable evidences but it was deemed inadequate to demonstrate the impact of my contribution.


Hi Anand,

In my understanding. You can demonstrate significant technical contribution by providing some of the following:

  • An Open Source Library with a high number of users (GitHub Link, etc) and a definition of its value proposition to the industry
  • A letter from an executive of an innovative digital company where you have made significant technical contributions that have resulted in the success of the company
  • An overview of your own technology company that has had some success. You can demonstrate this through revenue, investment, number of users, value proposition, etc.
  • A letter from a company/companies where you have acted as an adviser/board member where your contributions have led to the success of those companies
  • Any scientific research that has contributed to the industry (e.g. paper/experiment in Data Science, AI, ML, Blockchain, Bioinformatics, etc.)

Does that answer your question?


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Thank you so much Herman!