Evidence for technical contribution in startup

Hi, I am the founder of an early stage tech startup based in the UK. I am currently on the startup visa and looking to switch to an exceptional promise Technation visa. I want to submit evidence for significant technical contribution as a founder so I was wondering what sort of evidence I should provide to show that I have done most of the tech development of the product. Would recommendation letter stating my technical contribution be enough as evidence?

Hey @m-hassan121,

Short answer - yes. The recommendation letter is a good way to show your contribution to the company. However, since you are the founder of the company, the success of the company itself could demonstrate your ability to drive technological innovation. So, if there are company-related achievements (e.g. investments, events participation, startup accelerators, awards, number of users, value proposition, etc) you should certainly elaborate on this in both personal statement and additional pieces of evidence.

Hope that helps,

That’s great thanks Herman. To be extra safe, what are some of the other ways to show that I have developed the tech of the platform?

I would say, that you can submit a screnshot of your GitHub activity page (if you can).

But again since you are the founder. I would rather focus on the value proposition (regardles profit or non-profit) part of your business through the technology. You definitely should not attach a source files of your code :slight_smile:

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You are also more then welcome to join my free Q&A this Wednesday where I will be answering any questions related to application process.

I have a github account but I used it for building an open source twitter bot application using python but I haven’t uploaded any of the files for the startup onto Github.

I have registered for the event on the 20th so look forward to it. Would you also be happy to look at my personal statement and supporting documents and provide some feedback if possible?