Evidence Documents


I understand we need to submit 3 recommendation letters and 10 evidence documents. Could you please help me understand the below queries?

1- Applicant CV is one of the 10 evidence documents? or it can be 11th.
2- 10 evidence documents are must? or 5-6 evidence documents are also good enough?
3- while creating an evidence document, do we need to mention to which key or qualifying criteria it refers?

Hi abd,

  1. Applicant’s CV is outside the 10 documents, similar as the personal statement.
  2. 10 evidence is the maximum, if you believe that 5-6 is strong enough, it will also do. (fyi, I submitted 10, to maximize the chance of being endorsed)
  3. yes. You will need to mention it in the application form, and it is your job to make the assessor to make a quick and easy decision.

Good luck