Established Expert for recommendation letter

Hi everyone,

I was wondering what makes a strong established expert candidate and would appreciate your input. I’m applying for exceptional talent from the business route from a small country, and I’m planning on asking for reco from 3 investors from the industry, working in the UK and the US, thus, having more visibility. My first investor candidate knows my work and he’s Forbes 30 under 30. I’ll definitely use his letter. My question to you is your thoughts about my 2nd and 3rd candidates. My second one is an investor acknowledged by WSJ and BusinessInsider but she’s from the US and could only know my work through her mentorship to me. Do you think mentorship is enough for a reco letter? My third candidate is another investor, however, he’s been working in my industry and has some visibility in Asia. He recently turned out to be an investor. I have 2 questions about my 3rd candidate. 1- is he a strong candidate? His visibility in Asia is not that much in global media. 2nd question: He’s now an investor and all my recommenders will be investors in my particular industry. Do you think that’s okay? Or should I find someone who’s still working in the field?
Appreciate your time. Thank you.

What matters is that they are recognised leaders in the digital technology sector. Do they have strong public profile? For your mentor, in what capacity did they mentor you, how much of your work does the person know?