Endorsement rejection details

Hi All,

I would really appreciate if someone can assist me on the process. I have a couple of questions on the endorsement rejection.

Incase the stage 1 endorsement from tech nation is rejected on your talent visa for not meeting any of the required criteria, would we be receive any email from them stating the reasons for not meeting the required criteria.

Is there a timeline by when you would receive the details of rejection by technation or endorsement body.

Is there a timeline to apply for reassessment ?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @arshara,

You will receive an official response from the Home Office in either case.

Should your application be rejected, the Tech Nation will give you a detailed response with why it has been rejected.

You will be provided instructions on how to apply for an appeal and how long do you have to do so.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.


Dear Herman,

Thanks for your kind response.

In case of rejection email from home office, will we get the response from technation on the same day on the rejection details.

Also can we submit any additional documents for reassessment.

Thanks again for your help.

You cannot provide additional documents but you can provide counter arguments on the rejection reason.

I think there is a limit of words but it should be sufficient to provide the response

Hi @arshara

On the timeline to apply for reassessment - I believe the review appeal needs to be done within 28 days after you receive the Tech Nation rejection.

There are many cases where an applicant worked on the feedback received through the rejection reasons, built-up their case, reapplied and got endorsed.

Best of luck!

Please I’d like to know how do I review a failed endorsement, how do I make them know I’m replying to a particular section like oc2 or oc3? Thank you

Have you downloaded the endorsement review form?