Endorsement Received - UIUX Designer

Hi everyone,

I’m so happy to share I received my endorsement as a UIUX designer. This forum has been so helpful, as I earlier shared my profile here and got very helpful feedback from @alexnk and I thought to share my profile for any future UIUX applicants. I noticed we don’t have as many designer guides here, hoping mine is helpful.

Submitted: 26 November 2023 23:58
First edit: 29 November 2023 20:07
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Endorsement received 15 December afternoon

Years of experience: 4+ years
Category applied under: Software and Apps category because the products used for my application cut across sectors (Fintech, web3, ecommerce).

  1. CV (Included volunteering info and media links)

  2. SoP (Spoke about my self-taught transition to design, my work achievements, my out-of-office contributions and finally my plans for the future)

  3. Mandatory Evidence**

MC #1 (Evidence 1)
2 media publications with high reach where I was interviewed about UX/UI design, I also included links to other publications about products I had worked on.

MC #2 (Evidence 2)
High renumeration for my current job, showing employment letter and payslip indicating I earn higher than the average designer in my country.

MC#3 (Evidence 3)
Social contribution as an Area Head for an NGO focused on training kids in digital skills for free, with the NGO receiving £80k in funding recently and over 10k kids trained. I mentioned I function in an operational capacity as well as handle some of the outreaches as a facilitator. Evidence includes mention and picture of me on NGO website, pictures of trainings, and links to view videos

MC #4 (Evidence 4)
Led design for 2 different products with positive revenue and investment impact at 2 different product-led tech companies (previous jobs). Evidence includes screenshots of designs, links to view employment letters, press coverage for products and a letter from a Co-founder validating my effort. The same is supported in my recommendation letters.

4. Optional Evidence #2 (recognized for my work outside)

Speaking Engagements (All evidence in 1 document) (Evidence 5)
– Speaker at 1 conference with 100+ attendees (invitation letter, my photo as a speaker on their website, appreciation email sent as well as a letter from the organiser stating why I was invited to speak and what I spoke about)

– Speaker at EdTech graduation where I spoke to graduates (screenshot of Linkedin conversation with Founder of edtech inviting me, flyer of event as well as screenshot of appreciation post included), also mentioned I was invited to speak at another webinar by this EdTech about breaking into tech and my journey (flyer and recording links included)

Mentorship (All evidence in 1 document) (Evidence 6)
– Lead facilitator at free 6 week structured UIUX training for 30 people organised by another tech-focused NGO (Not NGO mentioned in MC) as a volunteer. I was vetted as a credible designer before being given this responsibility. I included screenshots from classes, links to youtube channel showing recordings of all classes as well as curriculum

– Mentor at another edTech (invitation mail, linkedin posts of mentees included)

– Mentor on ADPList where I was recognized as one of the top 50 female mentors globally in UX testing (link to my profile showing mentorship with mentees in 10+ countries, screenshots of mentees reviews included)

5. Optional Evidence #3 - (impact in product-led tech company)

Significant Contribution as employee at Past company (All evidence in 1 document) (Evidence 7)
– Document includes details of 2 different products (web and mobile) owned by past employer with traction. Evidence includes screenshots and links to employment letter, designs, metric dashboards showing traction, links to media mention of these products and their success, as well as link to view funding receipt. Success of these products can be attributed to design as I led the redesign that bumped up user engagement and retention and by ripple effect, eventual funding. Document also includes letter from Co-Founder/Head of Product confirming all these.

Significant Contribution as employee at current company (All evidence in 1 document) (Evidence 8)
– Document includes details of 2 B2B different products owned by current employee with significantly improved metrics following my redesign of 1 product with the company going on to offer the product as a whitelabelled solution to clients, indicating I contributed to a new revenue stream and eventual merger with a much bigger company. Evidence includes screenshots of communication with C-level executives confirming these as well as screenshots of designs and link to view designs. Included a letter from Head of Product validating my efforts as well

Significant Contribution as Founder at company I cofounded(All evidence in 1 document) (Evidence 9)
– Document includes details of an MVP rdesigned by me and released by a company I cofounded. The company is currently registered in 2 countries so I attached these certificates as well as captable. Attached link to view transaction count and revenue generated ($15k) for this product as well as pitch deck currently being used to raise investment. Evidence also includes screenshots and links to designs, metric dashboards showing traction)

6. Recommendation letters

Rec Letter #1 - CEO/Founder of previous company I worked at, who is familiar with my work for 2+ years. Some of these work was used in MC and OC3.

Rec Letter #2 - Founder of Fintech company who is a mentor and speaks about my contributions outside of work with over 10 years of experience. His letter confirmed my OC2 Evidence.

Rec Letter #3 - CTO at current company with over 13 years experience founding companies. His letter confirmed my MC and OC3 evidence.

Thank you everyone and good luck to future applicants.


Congratulations you have actually done remarkably well in the field.

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Congratulations @Emi267 . Great application by the way. I was glad to help and also glad to hear that you were successfully endorsed.

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Congratulations @Emi267 and thanks for sharing. I am hoping to apply as a product manager. I just don’t feel ready yet

hi @alexnk I Worked for two companies as product managers for two years then the third year was being a product management facilitator. Do you think i can qualify?

@Eno04 What you have provided are not enough to say that you are qualified. I have to ask you that…

  • how are you qualified in Mandatory criteria?
  • which are the 2 optional criteria you chose out of 4?

If you don’t know what we are talking about, you should find Tech Nation guidelines and read through them carefully. If you have an answer, please start new forum topic to seek advice separately.

Hi, so you can begin by making a list of what you have and documents you hope to get soon and then make a plan towards getting those?