Endorsement Received - My experience

Hi everyone, thanks a lot to all contributors to this useful platform. I applied on the 12th of June and got endorsed on the 4th of July for the exceptional promise path. That takes about 3 weeks.

First, you need to thoroughly read through the tech nation guide to specifically understand what’s required of you and also to have the latest information as the guide is a living document and gets updated from time to time.

After understanding the requirement you can start thinking of what you’ve done within the past 5years that has earned you accolade. Don’t feel any achievement is not significant or will not be recognized, just think about it and jot everything down. Then you can go through the guide again to justify how each of these stuff fits into the requirement.

At this stage, things should get clearer and you’ll be able to perfectly weigh your chances. If in doubt you can drop a review post on this forum for people to help review your documents.

Here is a list of documents I submitted for my application;

I am a Frontend Developer and have worked across multiple tech sectors (this is not a criterion).

CV - I have a standard CV, which is in sync with my LinkedIn profile (You don’t want to create multiple impressions). Your start year of a particular job on your CV must match that on your Linkedin and all. In short, your LinkedIn profile should mirror your CV exactly.

Personal Statement - My personal statement speaks about my journey into tech and how I have fared in the last five years. It also contain my long term goal and how the UK will also benefit from my wealth of experience.

Recommendation Letters - I got 4 recommendation letters, the minimum requirement is 3. One of my recommenders was not able to give me a letter with the company letterhead and I was not sure how that will go for the main recommendation letter so I used it as one of the mandatory evidence to back up my contribution.
1 from my former DCEO, 1 from my current VP of engineering, 1 from a community I contributed to as a volunteer, and another one from a CEO I once worked with.

Mandatory Evidence

  • Evidence of high compensation - payment invoice
  • Email evidence of received award from a hackathon
  • Letter of reference from my former DCEO
  • Letter of reference from my current VP of engineering

OC 2

  • Evidence of speaking at an event
  • Evidence of contributing to training developers
  • Evidence of contributing to training developers (The two contributions are for different organizations)

OC 3

  • Document explaining my contribution to company A which involves Github contributions and teammates’ acknowledgment of my contribution
  • Document explaining my contribution to company B
  • Document explaining my contribution to company C

Above are what I submitted, I hope this helps someone out there as I have also benefitted from people who shared there’s also.

Feel free to ask me any question and I’ll be glad to help out.


hey @Abdulkareem_Basit, thanks for sharing this. I really appreciate your initiative to post your experience here which can help the other folks.

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@Abdulkareem_Basit Thanks for sharing! I appreciate the info. For your evidence in OC3, you say that you had documents explaining your contribution to companies. What format did you use for this evidence? Would it be possible for you to provide a redacted example of the format, with generic text?

I am trying to figure out what I should include in a document explaining my contributions as an employee

Tech Nation does not encourage the use of template. Best for your referee to explain your impact based on your contribution to the company.

@Francisca_Chiedu - does that mean that some pieces of my evidence can be statements that I write myself explaining my contributions to the company, supported by things such as system architecture diagrams and statistics regarding impact?

I have required recommendations, but for evidence I was planning on writing details myself rather than having a coworker write them.

@Abdulkareem_Basit Heartiest congratulations! Thanks for sharing your experience, including the documents you submitted. It really helps :slight_smile:

Q. what recommendation did you receive for? Talent / Promise?

yes you can put some context to the evidence you are submitting to further explain how it meets the requirement.

I am planning to get all 3 reference letter from the same company I am working with.
Can the content be same ?