Endorsement checklist - Endorsement received

Hi Everyone,

I recently received my technation endorsement for promise and while I have never asked any question on this forum, I’ll say that the questions and answers provided here helped significantly in shaping my application.

I was able to learn from people’s mistakes and successes here, and writing this post is my way of giving back.

If you are just starting out your application journey, here are a few suggestions.

1. Read the technation guide thoroughly. The best posts here are by people who ask very specific questions about an area of the guide that is unclear or a personal circumstance that isn’t so straightforward.

2. Don’t be in a hurry: It’s easy to want to put your application together quickly and submit it because of a personal deadline. But from what I noticed reading rejection cases and appeals, your first submission should be your best. Don’t leave out any critical piece of information, find a way to squeeze it into your 10 pieces of evidence. Appeals are easier when you only need to point the assessor in the right direction rather than try to include a critical piece of evidence that was missed out.

3. Explain, explain, explain: There are certain things you can get away with when you are a founder that has raised millions of dollars, e.g submitting screenshots and emails with no thorough explanations… but that’s not the majority of people here. Yes there are a few exceptional founders, but for most employees, it’s important to take the time to explain your evidence and clearly show how it helps you meet certain criteria… This is also why you need to read the guide and this forum thoroughly.

That said, here’s a list of the documents I submitted for my application

I am a performance marketing professional.

I had the standard CV, 3 letters of reference (1 from my CEO at my current company, 1 from a Marketing leader at a Fintech company and the last one from a Marketing leader at an eCommerce company in the UK) - I have worked with all three people in the past in various capacities so they were able to accurately speak about my work and my potential.

Mandatory Evidence

  1. Evidence of high compensation(offer letters) with glassdoor comparison.
  2. Evidence of speaking at an event (including a link to the video and emails from organisers)
  3. Evidence of leading growth at a high growth startup ( showed the investment we had received, incubators etc)
  4. Additional reference from an External Industry leader
  5. Additional reference from the CTO of my company detailing my contribution

OC 2

  1. Evidence of Community contributions like speaking and volunteering
  2. Evidence of contributing to my field through a national publication(been contributing for over 3 years)

OC 3

  1. 2 documents explaining my contribution to the growth of the company
  2. Same additional letter of reference from the CTO confirming my contribution.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have concerning my application or yours, I’ll try to answer to the best of my ability. I wish you the very best.

Thanks to the regular contributors on this forum. Your work is phenomenal.


congratulations and thanks for sharing.

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I love how committed you are to helping others. God bless you!

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I am glad I have the opportunity to help here.

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In the supporting evidence (where I helped reduce a product’s 3rd party vendor/contract cost), is it necessary to provide contract copies or just quoting the cost (before/after) and getting it endorsed from my organization’s VP would be enough?
These documents are proprietary and confidential so I don’t think they should be provided. But then how would TN be convinced of this contribution of mine?

@AEPPPPthanks for sharing this and congrats. From what I can see here it seems your evidence is not up to 10 pieces, I might be wrong but I just need clarity as I want to know if it has to be 10 pieces of evidence. Or does this “2 documents explaining my contribution to the growth of the company” covers two pieces of evidence?

You don’t need up 10 evidence but don’t compare your application with an applicant submitting fewer documents, they may have stronger evidence than what you intend to use.

Oh great! I get you. Thanks for always helping out here.

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Awesome. When did you apply and when did you receive the endorsement?

I applied on Jan 20 and received the response on Feb 8

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Congratulations and thanks for sharing

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Congrats on your achievement and thanks for sharing. It’s really helpful

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I currently work in an investment banking firm as the Head of digital business and recently I was made COO of the upcoming digital bank.

Though I have always had the corporate bagrpund (ebusiness departments in banks), i have also worked in a Fintech for a year as Lead, Strategic partnership and I was able to grow my portfolio.

I am about starting the GTV application. Do u think I stand a chance ?

I think it’ll depend on what you want to be the cornerstone of your application… Obviously, your upcoming digital bank (while it meets the criteria for a digital product) hasn’t started so not sure you can use that.

The question then is, did you demonstrate enough impact while working in Fintech to use that as the cornerstone of your application?

Answering the question of whether you stand a chance would take you really studying the technation guide thoroughly, writing out your list of pieces of evidence and evaluating the strength of each one to see whether it satisfies the criteria.

So you see, no one can answer the question for you directly. That final evaluation has to come from your understanding of the guide and your knowledge of your past work.

Thanks you for your feedback… Trust me it was very helpful

I actually did make an impact working at the Fintech from product innovation, product marketing and partnerships to growing payment processing transaction value.

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That’s great! All the best!

Lool I just checked out your profile now and you are an Eagle too :star_struck: Nice! Buzz me anytime if you need anything, you are definitely my Egbon. :grin:

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lol… Nice… Thanks a lot

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Hi congratulations on your endorsement! Just wanted to clarify something real quick, did you present this same reference letter as your second piece of evidence for OC3 or did your CTO write another reference letter to support your documents?

Hi Francisca,
Thanks for what you do with the community.
For digital business (product managers) guys like me, how do u show evidence of revenue growth in the products you conceptualised and managed