Eligibility Checker


I am just checking my eligibility status for the UK tech nation visa with the quiz, and I was asked which other UK visa routes I am considering. Is it safe to say 'start-up
visa or innovator visa?

Also, how many months does it take to make a good application?

Hello Abisola,

I am also just starting up the application myself, but I think the quiz response is to determine your eligibility and so the response there should not be a factor to approve or reject your main application.

You should wait for other responses for more clarity.


The details you enter in the eligibility checker should not have any impact on your actual application, though I really don’t know what they do with the data. Might be worth reading any terms they have on their website about how they use the data. When I filled out the form back then it said I was ineligible, but today I am a visa recipient. I think the form is more geared towards founders and employees and doesn’t cover all the intricacies of the applicant’s background and the tech nation guideline. It contains several subjective questions and should be used for self-assessment, and not as a strict and conclusive determinant of eligibility, in my opinion.

To your question about how long it takes, it’ll depend on several factors like how much of the criteria you meet and the quality of evidence you already have. The bulk of your time will be on strategizing, gathering evidence, writing letters and statement, organising your evidence, reaching out to your network for letters and other supporting evidence. From the time I actively started the process it took me 2 months 2 weeks of hard work alongside my other commitments to put together a good application. Best wishes!


Well said. Most people spend at least a month to prepare their documents.

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