Edits after endorsement

Hello everyone,

Please I have a quick question. Has anyone noticed edits in their tech nation applications after endorsement?

Thank you.

Hi @C91 Yes I have noticed in my case. After I got endorsed on 14th June, I noticed edit on 3rd July. Not sure what was that about ?

Hi @C91.
Got endorsed on June 20th, I noticed an edit on July 3rd

Not sure what it means though, but I would not be worried. My application last year February 2022 which was rejected also got an edit on the 3rd of July 2023. The assessors do a very a thorough job with each application and they have granted you an endorsement. It might be a QC thing! Just focus on the next stage and processes.

I think it happens to everyone.

Thank you so much @alex_james @Gbemiga_Adelola @aaliyu @chetan.merai