Early stage startup founder

Hi, I am the founder of an early stage tech startup with revenue of around £1k per month. I am currently on a startup visa that expires in around 8 months. The next step would be to get the innovator visa or tech nation emerging talent visa. Apart from being the founder of a startup, I am also a board member of a national trust. I am not sure whether my background and experience so far are enough to apply for the emerging talent visa. Any advice regarding this would be highly appreciated.

hi @m-hassan121- I think you can apply for an emerging talent visa and display proof that your startup is scaling in facts and figures.

Thanks Seema. We have had few national media coverage like BBC and invites for talks at universities. Our revenue is currently less than £2k per month. I am just wondering whether that would be enough for emerging talent visa

You never know until you try :-). My start-up was not having a big revenue when I applied to and revenue is not the only criteria that you will mention in your application. So i would say don’t weigh less only because of revenue, Accomplishment as a whole needs to be proven in your application

Thanks Seema. May I ask what stage of your startup did you apply for the visa in terms of traction, revenue etc.?

@m-hassan121 - My start-up was 2 years old when I applied with < 10 Employees.

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Hi seema , I’m currently on a start up visa , please do you think you can guide me on how to go about the emerging start up talent ?

you need to read the tech nation guide, it has information on what you need to apply as a promosing talent.