Does It matter at what type of company you work?

Hello all,

I am planning to apply in the foreseeable future but I want to clarify one point regarding mandatory criteria which is below

  • show that they have been recognised as a leading talent in the digital technology sector

The confusing part is “digital technology sector” I have been working as software engineer / developer for a non IT company on one of the business application platform (5 years - I have also some IT project management background). I do work technical and I reckon, I am eligible to apply but the company I work for is not in digital technology sector. The company performs in consumer goods sector but my role / department is in IT.

Do you think am I still able to apply? Thanks for clarifying this point.

Also, should I provide more than one evidence for each criteria? (optional or mandatory)

If I select “endorsement from an expert” as one of my optional criteria, one endorsement would be enough for example?

Hi @Alp_Utku,

The key is for you to show yourself exceptional in the field of digital technology.

Being a software engineer in a non-IT company is not by itself a disqualifier. It simply means you will need to provide much more evidence of how you are a leading talent in the field.

The guideline expressively excludes consulting but in your case you should be able to show evidence of the software product you were building within the non-IT company. I assume it has some impact.

If you have done some startup products by the side , even better. Show evidence of this heavily. Note that if you have more than 5 years experience, you will likely need to show yourself as exceptional talent and not just exceptional promise. This means you will need much more traction.

Per evidence, there is space for you to provide up to 10 documents of up to 3 pages each. That is up to 30 pages of evidence. Some people even squeeze in more than 1 evidence on each page as long as it is readable.

Even though you don’t have to submit them all, the question is why wouldn’t you?

In any case whatever you are submitting needs to be strong enough evidence indicating you are a leading talent in the field. The assesors will weight on the strength everything you provide. They will also “google” you.

All these is aside from your 3 recommendation letters from 3 recommenders who have to be leaders in the field.

I hope this helps.

Note: This is my opinion and another legal advice.

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