Does family members who are on Tier 2 dependent visa needs to change to GT dependent visa

Hi Everyone.

I’m planning to apply for stage one and gathering all the necessary documentations. The only point which i am not clear is and if can i get clarification on is following.

  1. If the stage 1 is cleared and there is positive outcome. Does the family dependents who are currently on tier 2 skilled dependent visa needs to change to GT dependent visa. or they can stay on the skilled dependent visa and i can only switch to the GT visa.

would appreciate a guidance on this please.

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Based on my understanding,

dependents can switch on GT visa

But would love to know about this from others on the group who have actually done it.

thank you , i can see they can switch to Global talent visa, but is it mandatory to switch or the family can stay on tier 2 dependent visa and the main applicant can switch to global talent only.
If theirs any possibility for the dependent family member to stay on skilled dependent tier 2 visa, then i would rather not spend that visa cost on them.

It’s not mandatory. Family member can stay on Skilled dependent tier 2 visa

where is the official rule for this?

Your partner or child can apply to switch their visa either:

I read this “can” as recommendation and not obligation.

Also, in the section related to “switching visa” for dependents

They can either apply at the same time as you, or at any time before their current visa expires.

From this I deduce
As a dependent on T2 visa

  1. One can remain on that visa until it expires
  2. If its near expiry and you aren’t yet eligible for ILR, switch to GT dependent

Case when you’re eligible for ILR not applicable

  • If you and your partner were eligible, you wouldn’t have applied for GT.


This suggests they need to switch before applying for ILR. It doesn’t have to be immediately but at some point they need to switch before applying for ILR. Anyway the explanation is not clear. Best to contact home office directly

Hi, What’s the best way to contact home office?

Also I have some queries similar to this , asked here - Clarifications Around Switching from Tier 2 to Global Talent

I am in a similar situation and the immigration lawyers I spoke said they don’t need to switch. If they switch they still need to wait for 5 years for ILR.

Hi @vudu, did you had a conversation with the immigration lawyer, if the dependents can directly apply via the route of Tier 2 dependents towards ILR after 5 year if there visa stay valid without first switching to GT and apply for ILR.
appreciate if this can be clarified.

They said they don’t need to switch to gt dependant and they can apply to ilr without switching citing the pages you shared in the original post. My dependants has 5 years visa which will be enough for them to be eligible for ILR. But if they had shorter visa then they can switch to gt dependant but now they don’t have to.

Dear all,
How about when you switch from student to global talent, can your dependant switch to global talent dependant later ( before it expires) and not with main applicant?

Hi Chaitana can you please advise?

@vudu was your application for your dependants approved?