Documents Review for TN

Hello Everyone,
So I am applying for TN as a community manager
Although some of my documents have been reviewed by some friends
I just thought to share it here also so that I can get the opinion of you all

So here is what I have so far

Mandatory Criteria
Evidence of contributions to two product led companies, as a community manager and as a marketing coordinator

Evidence of contributions to an NGO

A letter from the founder of the NGO to support my claims and my work

For OC

I did OC2 and OC3

For OC2

I have 4 documents

Evidence of speaking at a high profile event
I showed up to four events with most of them having links to the video of me speaking on stage on YouTube

Evidence of contributions to an open source project

Evidence of social mentorship, showing me mentoring students in digital skills with up to 3 different organizations

Evidence of Op-Ed and Press releases
From far back as 2018 and 2021

For OC3
My three documents are

I showed significant impact of growing my companies revenue. I have clippings of google analytics, my community analytics, leads I acquired and clients closed from the events I manage

A letter from my manager to support the significant impact that I have made in the company

Then the third document
Shows my dashboard as an instructor with another company with my bonuses and earnings from the job as well how many courses and cohort has been sold out

Please help review and share your thoughts