Do UI Designs Need to Be Translated into English?

Hi all,

I am applying for the Global Talent Visa as a UI/UX Designer. I would like to ask if the UIs I provide as evidence of my participation in projects need to be translated into English (as they are currently in Greek) by a certified professional.

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According to the guide " Authorised English translations must be provided for all documents which are not originally written in English."

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Thank you @Francisca_Chiedu for the clarification, I really appreciate it!!

Hello again,

I have a more technical question/problem that Iā€™m hoping someone can help with.

Should both UIs (the one in the original language and the one translated into English) be included in the 3-page evidence document, or can I include only the translated version and provide a link to a Google Drive file for the original language UIs?

Thank you in advance!

I. Think the translation can be outside the main evidence.

Thank you @Francisca_Chiedu !

It is advisable to include both the original and the translated version in the 3-page documents to enable the assessor see and read both versions concurrently, and clearly highlight the link to the google drive within the 3-page document as well if contains the detailed version of both.

Hi @May thank you very much!