Do I stand a chance?

I’m a software engineer at a tertiary institution. I am interested in applying for the Exceptional Promise route. I was a lecturer before I switched careers.

I have developed various solutions for my present and previous employer. I’m not in a digital-led company, though I have some other solutions I have deployed for various organizations/firms such as inventory management systems, school management systems, etc.

Do I stand a chance because the emphasis is on the digital technology sector and product-led and my former and present workplace are tertiary institutions?

It is very difficult to give you a yes/no answer. I would suggest reading through this guide (Tech Nation Visa Guide - Tech Nation) to assess your case.

it is difficult to give you an answer to your question because you have not provided detailed information about your evidence. But one thing to note is that, a technical applicant from a non technical field is also considered a suitable candidate . However, you have to provide your evidence to show your impact, contribution, innovation etc.

If you can provide evidence that fits the guidelines, then you may stand a chance.