Do i apply as a promising talent or exceptional talent?

I intend to apply for my TechNation stage 1 Visa as a promising talent. Here is what I would like to submit, kindly review and let me know my chances, thanks.

I am a full stack web developer, had two startups that failed. One, a platform that converts audio, video, and handwritten files to digital text using AI, and the second being a Grocery delivery startup. I currently work as an IT/Media manager for a digital auto body company in my state.

I have been building web apps for over 7 years now. A Computer Science graduate.

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This forum is not meant for reviewing strength of evidence and pass a judgement on its possible acceptance or denial. We deal with queries which are generalized in nature. TechNation has very able and worthy people to judge strength of an application. Try to do their job would be improper for any of us. So my advice is: Go back to the guidance and review criteria carefully. Ask yourself questions whether what I have to offer is well enough to fetch me an endorsement or not. If you find slight doubt in any area, work further to improve it and then apply.

OK. thank you. Your reply is appreciated