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I’m non-technical co-founder of a start-up built nearly 10 years ago. This is a social network platform for moms for my country, developed from scratch, and seen 2m monthly users at peak times. It became quite popular, and covered by national media, including TV news. It received government funding for entrepreneurs. I was selected as one of 40 finalist of a women entrepreneur contest organized by a major bank.


Would solely building something that is widely benefited by people make me eligible for this area, or would they question why it has not received VC funding or didn’t make x figure profits after so many years? The latest of the news clippings as evidence belongs to 2016, that not being recent, would it affect negatively?

Recommendation Letters:

1 - I have read somewhere that referrers should be based in the UK, is this true? I don’t think this site is known in the UK.
2 - I have product management experience in digital tech before my start-up and know most senior people from that period. Can I ask letters from people, who I worked with before my start-up, and know my start-up because it became famous or used it themselves —their businesses are not directly related to work I wish to claim as being global talent?


I’m considering subtitling and uploading TV-news video in a public space and providing the link as evidence, or should I provide a transcript in English?
Are below documents relevant evidences?
-being the finalist of a national competition,
-receiving government seed funding,
-letter of a loyal member who will tell what the site has added to her life

Personal Statement:

  • Do you have any specific recommendations on what to say and what not to say?

I know I asked a lot, in fact I registered and joined for a Q&A session, but unfortunately nobody could join from the alumni. I am grateful for all help in advance.

Hello Benja, Tech Nation requires that all evidence submitted must be within the last 5 years.