Digital marketer for an edtech company

I work for an Edtech company as a digital marketer with 4 years experience and also build websites for clients.
I have been able to scale their users in large numbers.
Please advice what category do I fit in.
Thank you

Experience of less than 5 years in digital technology automatically makes you eligible for Exceptional Promise. Ofcourse there are exceptions to this rule [someone in this forum got Exceptional Talent with <5 YoE]

Ok thank you for the response

I recently interviewed someone who worked in Marketing and got endorsed for Exceptional Promise, you might find this helpful:

Hi there,
Curious about what you mean Edtech, can you tell us why or how u supported it is an Edtech? I work for universities that their main income come from digital channels, and they teach only online, could I support this as an Edtech?