Different URN between Stage 1 & 2

I might just be paranoid again but I have 2 different URN for stage 1 & stage 2 of the application. Is this expected and the same for you guys?

Think it makes sense, just worried how they would link the 2 applications to verify the endorsement. (I did attach the endorsement email from home office on UKVI portal under ‘other’ category though).

Thank you!

Stage one and stage 2 are completely different procedures. Stage one to follow and process your endorsement only and its an application that between technation and home office. whereas stage 2 is completely another submission and within homeoffice only.

again, that is my personal view and other candidates may be able to advise further.
All the best.

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Got it, thank you @Maya Have you applied for Stage 2? Did you get a different URN as well? :bowing_man: :pray:

i am currently under another visa that requires endorsement too. I never looked at URN for endorsement and visa application when i applied in the past.

i did not process stage 2 yet, as my current visa is still valid.

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Noted - thank you much!

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There are different IDs involved in stage 1 and stage 2 but I doubt there’ll be 2 URNs. Stage 2 application has its own ID, IHS payment (if you need to do this) has its own ID as well. All these are different but linked to each other. You must have entered one ID or the other in one form or the other during the whole application process across stage 1 and stage 2 so linkage happens there as well.