Dependents - separate application for each person?

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FORM - For stage 2 - looks like I have to apply individually for each person and fill out a monster form -

  1. Me -
  2. Wife -
  3. Child -

From reference link -

Is this correct?

TRAVEL HISTORY - Also, over the last 10 years, we have ~100 passport stamps - international travel + transits.
It’ll take a really really long to gather and enter all this info. Any advice on this front would also be useful?


Congratulations. Separate application. It is not about the passport stamps, there is a limit to the number of countries you can enter. For EU countries, you can only enter few. So not a big deal.

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You only have to enter each unique country once and for countries in the EU, it is all collected together. It is in reality not that hard. Remember you might have to track entries and exits in the future too - when filing first year tax returns (for split year treatment) or when you apply for subsequent visa or ILR. It is best to keep track of your travels on a continuous basis anyway. Something like can be helpful.