Daughter turning 18th in Feb 2022

Dear all ,

My question is related to my daughter as She would be turning 18th in Feb 2022.
Can someone clarify if we have to land before she turns 18 or Just taking visa before Feb is fine .
She is in class 12th in India , so technically she can start collage from next year , from Visa Point of View , does it mean she has to change visa to Student visa.

Is there any benefit she will get in admission as a dependent or …??

Hi @Anshu_Sharma
I don’t think she has to change her visa from a dependent visa to a student visa, as dependent are allowed to do almost anything, including study.

Benefits for her to get a student visa will be her visa status will not be associated with yours. So you can plan independently.

@Anshu_Sharma, if she gets student visa, she no longer will be eligible to get ILR in line with you as she loses her status as your dependent. When I came here my son was just shy of 18 and he finished his bachelors here as dependent. So study is not a problem. You don’t need to change her status.

@steven4320555, @Mukesh_Adhvaryu Many Thanks for your reply .

So to Summarize with dependent Visa she would be able to get ILR along with US .
Also does she gets any benefit in college admission (not treated as a foreigner but at par with other students with-in country )?
From fees point of view my understanding is fees she has to pay as that of foreigner?

Thanks Alot ,basically I will apply now if she has some advantage else will wait for this CORONA to cool down a bit .


Unfortunately, she won’t be treated as home student so no relaxation and much more higher fees. I was in the same predicament with my son. We then decided for my son to go for off campus study for bachelor of science from Goldsmith, University of London. He ended up paying 6000£ for entire 3 years that way. As a foreign student in regular study the amount would be much more higher. Really, its a difficult choice to make.

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