Data Scientist turned to Growth Marketing Lead applying for business promise route

Hi lovely people, I have been encouraged by the amount of generosity and support people give to each other on this forum and would like to receive feedback from the community on my application through the exceptional promise route as a digital marketing professional.

Background on me: moved to London last year with the High Potential Individual visa and was totally impressed by the UK’s progressive policies on tech innovation and environment. Hoping to further develop my career in London. Prior to this, I worked as a Data Scientist for a marketing tech startup in the US and am a founder of two fashion tech companies. One of them was selected for the Startupbootcamp accelerator.

Total 4.5 years of experience in tech as a data scientist, founder, and growth marketing lead.

Recommendation Letter 1: from my mentor for the past five years, seasoned tech startup founder with two successful exits
Recommendation Letter 2: VP of an IPOed company, known me for the past two years through one of my startup
Recommendation Letter 3: Seasoned tech startup founder from the accelerator program

Investment agreement from Startupbootcamp
International Speaking events I attended with Youtube Video screenshot. (this happened during covid events are virtual)
Press coverage on my startup (my alma matter’s website showcasing my startup journey as a founder and my contributions to the leading UK fashion forum)
Awards I received in the past five years (one national level another international)

Employment contracts at startups A and D where I had high salary 90% percentile
Two Self-written evidence on the innovations I contributed for startup A,B,C

Employer letter from startup D’s CEO endorsing the impact I contributed to the business
Two self-written documents on the impact I had for startup D including massive increase on click-through rate, decrease on cost per click, and decrease on customer acquisitions cost.

I am applying as a business applicant in digital marketing.

My main worries are that

  1. Startups I founded B and C are not commercially successful. But they are innovative with 3rd party evidence supporting it. Will this weaken my qualification for OC1?
  2. I have only been with startup D for 8 months and been promoted to the Growth Marketing Lead for the past 4 months. Is this evidence too recent?


Please review my list of evidence. Any feedback is appreciated. I only have 2 days left to submit my application. Thank you guys!

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Hi @KAI_CUI Here are my comments:

MC: It seems fine to me.

OC1: Your high salary does not prove the innovation, but it may only prove that you worked in the company with the innovations. Otherwise, you may move this to your MC instead. Be sure to include full details of how your work is innovative in the evidence.

OC3: Your self-written documents must show the quantifiable metrics. If you have screenshots of any graphs, table, figures, include them. Assessors love these.

Your main worries

For OC1, you just need to prove that it is innovative. It does not exist anywhere before at some points. Impact, success, failure, are not criteria in this OC1. So it will be fine for you.

You have been in multiple start-ups, and doing your best there. Being promoted can be included as a part of your impact and success. Being promoted is something that difficult to make up, unlike those speaker event, mentorship, etc, which are more concerns on the recent evidence issue.

I hope this helps @KAI_CUI

ps: Sorry for the late reply. Just saw that you had 2 days and time is running out.

For OC1, you need to be cautious of self-authored evidence, best to add a third party validation of your innovation.

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[Update] endorsement approved!!! yay thank you for the feedback.

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Could you please update on what evidence you have submitted finally?