Data Analytics Company


a question:

I work for a company that provides a platform for financial services to consume data to financial services company. We have 3 divisions

  • Information, research and analysis for finance professionals
    -A Platform in the form of an app that connects banks and investors.
  • And AI for financial workflow automation:

Would this be considered a digital tech sector although i work for the Information and analysis division?


@Katie yes that’s a FINTECH field. I work too in such a field but we do document classifications and processing using computer vision, deep learning and micro-services such as docker for a big Bank.

Hi Katie
It is fintech and very much a digi-tech company. Please build a strong application. All the best.

Would reference letters from financial institutions and advisory firms make the cut? Or does it have to be only from Fintech companies. The challenge is i have been with my company for 12 years and the people that have moved out may not necessary be in a fintech or digital tech company but in advisory and research firms. What would you recommend?

It can work as they are clients for your products and a letter from client always add a strong reco to your application.

But please try to get varied LoR. The three LoR’s should talk about different strength of yours and not pointing only in one direction. Also, please keep it product/platform focused instead of services.

Please do thorough research as we can only weigh in our inputs which might or might not be right. It is tough to say how TN evaluates. So do try to take input from others.