Data Analyst in a Nigerian Bank


I intend on applying for the Tech Nation endorsement and I want to know if any data analyst has gotten endorsement before. I have 4 years of experience and would be applying for the exceptional promise.

I want to know if I’m eligible because I saw a post here from a product manager who has experience the banking sector and the person’s application was rejected. I’m wondering if mine will be rejected as well based on the fact that my experience is in the banking sector.

If you go to the TN guideline, under “Typical applicants”, there are the Examples of Technical Skills and Business skills there.

I think “Data analyst” generally falls under Technical Skills, similar to “Experienced data scientists/data engineers”. However, you should demonstrate that you have done the technical role.

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Hi! As a data analyst you are eligible, but the banks are not considered to be product-led companies.
So unless you work in some separate division dedicated to a digital product, your chances are quite weak, but of course no one can know what Tech Nation will decide.

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How do I prove that it’s a technical role? will staring my job description suffice?

the job description alone might not be sufficient but it can definitely help as a part of all evidence. You can also try to prove it with

  • snapshots of email conversations about your work, but make sure it is constant and enough for the assessor to believe that you are considered technical.
  • a letter of recommendation from a senior person working with you on any technical project
  • your work, assignments from senior team members, and recognition of what you do in any way. Sometimes org chart may also help in some way.