Confusion around the 10 Evidences for stage one

Help me out Please, I have so many questions.

  1. Is it a good ideas to have reference letter and recommendation letter from the the same person.

  2. Does a tech YouTube channel counts as mentorship evidence and is mine good enough (Daniel Ogunlolu - YouTube)

  3. The 10 document (evidences) can I have multiple evidences answering the same question. For instance…

Document 1 explains my work outside my occupation through mentoring via my YouTube channel and then Document 2 explains the same point but this time around through invitations to speak on radio and tech events.

Does this qualify as 2 different documents (with 8 more to go)??

Please I will appreciate some clarification. Thank you all in advance

  1. Definitely not. This should be obvious. It would look like this

  2. Of course not, the channel is at an early stage with 277 subscribers and less than 300 views on most views. The studio quality looks good, but I watched a few of your videos and these seem like mostly very basic level videos and it looks like you probably created them after following some tutorial you found. Your what is AI video for example looks so basic and describes things in a way I would expect of material to teach about AI to 6 year olds. TN would give you a rejection with feedback mentioning the low views and subscribers if you used that.

  3. The 10 documents is the total number of files (3 pages max each) you can upload in addition to your cv and resume. This is explained clearly in the guide. You can then answer which documents are relevant for mandatory criteria and the optional criteria you selected. One document can be specified as relevant to multiple criteria.

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Thank you.
The concept of the YouTube videos was to explain the topics as simple as possible to help non-technical people understand better. It is probably why it looks that way.
However I understand you, I will find other evidences