Confirmation of Documents Required For Stage 2 From Nigeria

Hello All,

I got my Stage 1 approval. :star_struck:. Please can anyone confirm if all I need to submit are the following (I am applying alone):

  1. International Passport(s).
  2. TB Clearance Certificate.
  3. Endorsement Letter.
  4. Evidence of IHS payment.
  5. Completed Document Checklist form.

Not needed

  1. Statement of account as I am not traveling with dependents.


1-3 is all you need.


@Francisca_Chiedu What about someone coming with Dependants. Wife and child

When you apply, you will get a list of what is required. Use the latest requirements. I understand you now need to show proof of funds for your dependants.

Hi Francesca @Francisca_Chiedu . Regarding this proof of funds, I haven’t seen any specified amount or range for this. I’m confused, there’s little to no information about it. I would appreciate any link to learn more. Thank you

There’s know like but you can try the required funds for skilled work visa.

Okay, thank you very much