Clarification on stage 1 application

Good day all,

I am considering the GTV and having read through the guide on the UK gov site as well as the Tech nation guide, I have some questions about my documentation before putting it together.

  1. One of my referees is C-level of an e-commerce business with a website and mobile apps. I worked on the website and can prove that but I was wondering if this would count as a product-led digital technology company or if it might be considered a service delivery
  2. I work for a publishing company that has a digital/product-led part (with various websites, mobile apps, etc.). I work for this digital/tech part of the company and have contributed by building relevant software. Would this be valid as a piece of evidence given that the company is more popularly known for publishing and not necessarily the tech aspect?
  3. I have just a little over 5 years of experience in tech (6 years). However, this period involves me being introduced to tech via interning and involves me getting a feel of different aspects (dig. marketing, product design and software dev.) before finally settling on software dev. and focusing on that aspect. Would I be right to apply as a promise? Given that I have less than 5 years of experience in this specific field that I am applying for.
  4. I have a personal product that I am working on but still a WIP. I plan to launch this soon but not sure if this would count as evidence for innovation as a founder since it hasn’t launched yet.
  5. Does charity work for a charity organisation also count as proof of recognition beyond occupation?

I am trying to get as much information and clarification as possible so that I can put a strong application together and would appreciate any insights.

Thank you.

I am not sure if all the company you have worked are product-led. Are you a technical or business applicant?

Hi Francisca,

I’m a technical applicant and worked on the applications used in these businesses. I’m just not sure if these companies count based on the work i’ve done for them.

Thank you.