Changes to the Tech Nation Visa Guide in April 2023


Updated Exceptional Promise criteria wording to match updated immigration rules.
Updated note that Exceptional Promise applicants can have had a longer career in another type of work.

Added requirement for at least 2 unique pieces of evidence per criteria.

Added note regarding use of Artificial Intelligence and/or language processing tools (e.g. ChatGPT)
Amended note regarding checks on information and evidence provided by applicants.
Submission of fraudulent information on a Global Talent endorsement application may lead to the refusal of future visa applications you submit under both Global Talent or any other immigration route considered by the Home Office.


Is this official? Any links?

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Thankyou, you are doing a great public service running this forum and be so active here.

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Thanks you. Happy to help.


Ok So this is strange

Who will make a ChatGPT LOR or Personal Statement? LOR atleast can be verified by mailing and calling the actual authors , but personal statements are so personal. Sometimes i think a parrot is sitting in office making strange rules.

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@Aks177 FYI about some changes in guidance

@Francisca_Chiedu I see your post everywhere. Thank you very much for being super supportive.

I am currently at the first phase of applying and would need all the support I can get.

I am a Product Manager in a company in EU (FYI, I am Nigerian) I would like to know what my chances are and possible next steps.

Would you be available for a quick review?

You should post your list of evidence in the forum so we can critique it.

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