Changes to the Tech Nation Visa Guide in April 2022

I just found that Tech Nation made some updates to the visa guide change logs, April 2022.
Details are available on the Tech Nation Official Visa Guide.

April 2022


Each letter must:

  • Be about your Global Talent application - you cannot use a letter that was written for another reason
  • Say how the person knows you
  • Show your achievements in the digital technology sector, and how you are a leader or potential leader
  • Say how you would benefit from living in the UK
  • Say how you would contribute to the digital technology field in the UK
  • Explain what plans you have for work in the future
  • Explain how the author knows the applicant; and
  • Knows the applicant’s achievements in the relevant field; and
  • how the author considers the applicant shows exceptional talent or promise; and
  • the contribution the applicant would make to the UK digital economy.


  • Added 'within the last 5 years to ‘show that they have been recognised as a leading talent in the digital technology sector’


  • Added 'within the last 5 years to ‘show that they have been recognised as a leading talent in the digital technology field’
  • Added requirement: ‘Be at an early stage in their career’ to evidence required.

These changes are indeed there, should we discuss them here or what is this thread for?

Sure we can discuss the changes. What do you make of the changes?

The biggest perceived change at least to me is a further distinction between the Promise and Talent routes.
It can be read, partially, as if one is over 5 years into the career but haven’t achieved Talent criteria then they might not be considered for either:

  • Not considered for Promise because their track is over 5 years
  • Not considered for Talent because their achievements don’t correspond to the tenure

Other than that, it’s mostly clarification. Not sure what the figures for the Global Talent will be in 2022, might be a slight turn towards slightly more enforced criteria?

I agree. It means if you have over five years experience and you don’t meet the bar for a recognized leader, you cant be considered for promise.

Your recommenders now have to explicitly state why you are considered exceptional and the contribution you will make to the sector.

I don’t know. It could also mean something else as well (or maybe I’m just hoping so).
Taking your view, if someone transitions from lets say 20 years in an unrelated field and now comes into tech and performs brilliantly after 3 years, would Tech nation consider him as exceptional promise? Or nothing? What would be their motive to take him as promise? Considering he’ll be about 45 years old, (22 when he started working, +20 + 3) he’ll barely be able to help the UK tech industry and the economy in general in taxes or otherwise.
Alternatively, someone with 6 years of total experience (all tech), and is qualifying for promise, why would Tech nation reject him? He’ll be about 28-29 years old and still a good 30 more years in front of him to contribute actively to the economy and industry.
I think the latter is the primary reason as ultimately they would want longer active contributors in their economy who pay taxes in comparison to someone with just maybe 10 more years to retirement and who will then in majority probability, just relax.


I can see the sentiment and it seems like the Tech Nation team have taken this into account too:

in the digital technology sector in the last 5 years

The “in the digital technology sector” remark deals with the cases of people transitioning from other fields. A more difficult case would be someone who started digital, transitioned away and then reembarked - but I think it could be argued that the timer could start anew.

All in all, I still think that the Tech Nation team will use their best judgement, i.e. myself is over 5 years in the field but applied and got Promise. Would I not have gotten it if I applied just a few weeks later? Potentially. Would I be recommended to re-apply for Talent? That’s also possible.

All in all, it’s more clarity and division which makes me think that there is an ability to refer candidates more strongly to a specific route, or deny endorsement in more cases.

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