Chances for Exceptional Talent as SaaS Founder

Hi everyone, before we get started thanks to everyone for engaging here, this forum has been very helpful so far!

I’m a German national, Software engineer and currently run a SaaS tech company registered in the Germany and the US. We provide UI/UX specific software tools that are unique in the market with customers that reach from Fortune 500 companies to smaller startups. The company has generated significant revenue in the recent years (>$1M).

I’d like to apply for Exceptional Talent, but given the hard requirements I’m not sure if I meet the criteria.

I don’t have much personal presence online, most of the presence online is through the company itself without mentioning my name specifically. My contributions on GitHub to public repos aren’t as much and my posts on my blog and Medium are also not a lot. Throughout the last 5 years I have not spoken at any conference. The only thing: I’ve been interviewed by two podcasts.

It would be fairly easy for me to get Letters of Recommendations from customers that work at big Fortune 500 companies and have previously bought from us. Prior to my existing startup I worked as a Freelance Software Engineer. I may be able to get a LOR from my manager there too.

My question now is: Would it be possible to mainly base my application around the work at my current startup?

I have obviously lead a technology company the last 3 years, but how do I proof that and what will suffice as proof for that?

Also: Do you have any idea what will happen after Tech Nations ceases operations?

Thanks a lot for all your help already guys.

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I think you need more time to work on meeting the criteria. Global talent endorsement will still continue after the 31st of March.


Please is there an official link to this? Or what do you mean by still continue?

Where do I read it up?

In their official announcement.

Tech Nation has announced that it will cease its main operations and commence business wind-down from 31st March 2023.

However, until further notice, Tech Nation will continue to accept new Global Talent endorsement applications. Therefore applicants should consider the route to be open as normal and should continue to apply.


Hi @Francisca_Chiedu thanks for your reply. Do you have any particular suggestions on what I could add to meet the requirements?

You have certain qualification which meets partially MC.
You should have lead some conference with more than 100 participants.
Should have published some tech articles in some leading journals or published some research papers.
Should have actively involved in mentorship programs in universities and startups ( other than you own company).
These things to prove you are leader to outside world and I hope you have done projects to prove the technical stuff.
All the evidence must be online verifiable like media/news coverage.

You need another 6 months minimum to do prepare for this and home affairs’ not going to close this visa so don’t worry about timeline.

All the best.

There are several examples in the tech nation guide, check and see if you have proof listed in the guide then list it the way others have listed it in this forum then we can comment and add suggestions.

Hi, you might find this interview helpful: